Terms of Service

Cancellation, Non-Attendance, Late Arrival, A Change of Mind About Treatment & Reminders

It is the aim of this practice to provide quality dental care to our patients and to use clinical time effectively. To enable us to accommodate you with the most suited appointment time, we require your cooperation by understanding our policies on attendance and time keeping. 


If you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason, to avoid incurring fees it is important that you inform us no later than 48 hours before the scheduled start time of your appointment. If you are waiting for the result of a Covid 19 test or are required to go for a test within 48 hours of your scheduled dental appointment, you must cancel your appointment at Sunrise Dental. If you have received a positive Covid test result, you must wait 14 days before you can attend any dental appointments and notify us when completing your pre- appointment paperwork.

Cancellation or delay of an appointment by the practice

We will only cancel or delay your appointment in unavoidable circumstances. In such cases, we will take the following steps: If a situation occurs whereby we have to cancel or postpone an appointment, you will be informed as soon as we have been made aware. You will be informed of the reason for the cancellation or delay at the time. Upon rescheduling, we will do our best to accommodate your new appointment at the earliest time available


Late cancellations and missed appointments may represent a cost to the practice, when other patients could have been seen in the time set aside for the patient. Failure to provide adequate notice for cancelled or failed appointment, will result in a fee of £40 per 15 minutes of your appointment, for example, a 60 minute appointment will incur a fee of £160. We completely understand there may be on occasion, unforeseen circumstances and we take account of all valid circumstances.


When booking your appointments, we may ask for payment in full or a deposit. Our deposits are normally fully refundable providing our cancellation and non-attendance policies are adhered to.

Appointment Reminders

We provide a courtesy appointment reminder service via text message or email. This service is dependant on a number of factors including  our text & email provider, your mobile/email network provider and your phone and therefore successful delivery cannot be guaranteed. Text reminders will be sent up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. It is your duty to inform the practice of any changes to your contact details. Please note this is a courtesy reminder only. You should not rely on our text/email messages as the sole reminder of your appointment as we will not be responsible for any appointments missed as a result of non-delivery of the text/email message reminder, regardless of the reasons for its failure.