Auxiliary Appliances

Auxiliary Appliances

We use different auxiliary appliances along with the fixed braces, removable braces or aligners in order to optimise the treatment outcomes. These include headgear, miniscrews, functional appliances, palatal bar, jaw expanders.

What is the Headgear?

It is an appliance that can be attached to your top back teeth. It has either a neck strap, head cap or both which connect to a metal bow which can be fitted into either a fixed or removable brace.

What is the Miniscrews?

It is a small metal screw which is inserted through the gum into the jaw bone to act as an anchor to help move poorly positioned teeth. Some people also call them micro-screws, mini-implants or temporary anchorage devices (TADs). Our specialist orthodontist, Dr Mo Almuzian, published several papers and undertook several research in this field and he uses different popular brands.

What is a Functional Appliance?

A functional appliance is removable brace that works on the upper and lower teeth at the same time. We also use the fixed version of this appliance (CS™ System).

What Is A Jaw Expander?

Sometimes called rapid palatal expansion which is a technique used to widen (expand) your upper jaw (palate) when it is narrow. We use the digitally designed (CAD-CAM) expanders in most of the cases. You can view the patient information leaflets from this link.


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