Sunrise Digital Lab Order 




Through our Digital Lab (SCOTAIN Digital Orthodontic Lab), we offer a wide range of orthodontic products!

All appliances are CAD-CAM by our digital designer, with an in-house specialist orthodontist, Dr. Mo Almuzian, supervising workflow.

List of the appliances that we manufacture

  • Robotic bent bonded retainers (SCOTAIN ™ BR)
  • SCOTAIN Clear Aligner Therapy
  • Pressure-formed removable retainers
  • Bleaching (whitening) trays
  • Sport Mouthguards
  • Plain night guards (hard & soft)
  • Transpalatal bar appliances
  • Lingual bar appliances
  • Nance appliances
  • 3D-printed CBCT & study models
  • Taglus clear sheets

Every member of your family will be comfortable
in our state-of-the-art facility.