About Us

Dr Libi is a specialist in paediatric dentistry and Dr Mo is a specialist in orthodontics – both highly qualified dental specialists and ready to meet all your needs and expectations. They work alongside other dentists and dental specialists within Sunrise Dental Clinic to provide you with seamless care from the moment your child’s first tooth comes through and throughout the rest of their lives.

This means you don’t need to worry about referrals and waiting lists, you get the care you deserve, when you need it, all under one roof.



Orthodontic treatment at our practice is provided by a team of experienced specialist orthodontists, using cutting edge technology. From Invisalign (clear aligners), fixed clear braces, fixed metal and coloured braces, removable braces, mini screws, expanders, you name it, we have it all!

Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric dental treatment is provided by our specialist who aims to look at the child and family in a holistic way. This ensures your child receives tailor made advice and treatment plans. We aim to provide positive experience in a friendly environment. With sedation options available, treatment can be possible with even the most anxious children.

General Dentistry

To cater for all of your dental needs, our fantastic dentists are passionate about creating beautiful smiles. Whether it’s visiting Sunrise Dental clinic for a routine examination or treatment to improve your smile, we are dedicated with providing you with the best care.

Jaw Joint Disorders

Do you suffer from facial pain or jaw joint disorders?
We have a highly an experienced dentist who is passionate about management and treatment of such challenges.
Treatment options range from splint therapy, occlusal alteration and physiotherapy.

Digital Dentistry and Orthodontics

We have invested in the highest quality technologies to provide the best experience to our patient’s. From intra oral scanners to 3D printers, we will design and create your appliances on site – where you can even take a sneak peak during the process!

Oral Hygiene

Here at Sunrise Dental clinic, we care about you and your oral health. Our amazing hygienists will educate you to maintain a healthy and happy mouth.


Dr Libi sees children from birth through to the age of 16 years and  provides routine dental care as well as specialised care for children with additional needs, medical concerns or anxiety. Dr Libi is also able to provide treatment under inhalation sedation, which can be beneficial for children with significant treatment needs or those with anxiety.

Dr Mo provides specialist orthodontic care for children and adults. He is highly skilled at utilising all the types of tooth straightening techniques, from traditional metal (train track) braces, ceramic (aesthetic) braces, removable braces, clear aligners to mini dental implants. Dr Mo is very invested in the latest technology and has an onsite 3D laboratory to design and print lots of  orthodontic appliances.

So look no further, contact us today where we will be happy to arrange your visit and you can step through the doors of Sunrise Dental Clinic to be enveloped into the caring hands of dental professionals you can trust, to give your whole family the smiles they deserve.

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