Dominika Kozlowska

Miss Dominika Kozlowska

Dental Care Professional (DCP)

Dominika, known affectionately to her friends and colleagues as Dom, has been dedicated to the field of dentistry since 2012, with a particular passion for orthodontics. Dom finds immense satisfaction in witnessing the transformation of teeth as they move through the bone to achieve perfect alignment, especially when biomechanics are optimized.

Beyond her professional life, Dom is deeply committed to caring for her family and strives to extend that same level of care to her patients and their families. This dedication led her to join a remarkable family-run practice, where she aims to be one of their most valued nurses.

In her personal life, Dom has a deep love for the outdoors and a profound appreciation for our planet’s diverse flora and fauna. Dom enjoys activities like going to the gym and dancing in her leisure time.

Dom looks forward to welcoming patients to Sunrise Clinic and providing exceptional care with her expertise and compassion. Her commitment to excellence in both her professional and personal life sets her apart as a truly exceptional healthcare provider.

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